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Scout (a.k.a Scooter) says, “I see you”

While it may seem like not much is going on at Life Among the Greys, the opposite is true! One of my dreams has been to set up a Sanctuary for African Greys. I know there are a lot of very well known Rescues and Sanctuaries out there, one of which is only a few hours away from us. However, while most of the other organizations take in all species, generally speaking, of parrots, our focus will be solely on the African Grey. As the popularity of parrots as pets in the American household has increased, so has the number of birds that seek new homes after some years. Most people love their birds and strive to keep them for life. However, their are other behaviors, i.e. screaming, plucking, mess, etc. that come along with parrot ownership. Some owners will keep their birds for their lifetime, others may become ill, or need to move and are unable to take thier bird with them. Whatever, the reason, it is agony for most people to think about surrendering their bird let alone do it! As the avian population continues to grow, more and more birds will be in need of a place to call home- permanently.

We Incorporated in the State of Arizona in November of 2016, and just received our 501C3 status from the IRS a few weeks ago. We are also working on finding someone who can donate their time to assist with our website, Justgreys.org and this Blog, lifeamongthegreys.com. Eventually you will see all merged together. I hope to also have a page for each of the birds featured on the blog, as well as those who are to come.

We have set up a GoFundMe page where you can donate-all donations are tax deductible! If you are unable to donate, please share on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Our birds appreciate any help you can offer!


It’s an exciting time and I cannot wait to see it grow! I am looking forward to sharing my flock of six African Greys and the many more that will join us at our Just Greys Sanctuary.







My dream…..

I had mentioned, upon the inception of this blog, how long I have actually owned parrots as pets. It has been an ongoing co-habitation for over 25 yrs. now. I, like most parrot owners, worry about what will happen to my birds upon my death. Now, I am not close to going anywhere, at least that I am aware, but, nonetheless, it is still a thought. It would not be odd if all of my birds outlived me, since these birds can live into, in some cases, their 80’s. The youngest grey is only 6 yrs. old; the eldest – 23 yrs. of age.

In addition to my birds, there are still so many out there in need of medical attention, a good home or a peaceful place to go to live out their years. The avian community, like many other pet or animal communities, are still suffering from the economic downturn. It is like a never ending cycle- the breeders breed more birds, people buy them and after a time decide to either sell or give them up. Once I had heard a staggering statistic reporting that most pet parrots will have an average of 37 homes in their lifetime* (anon). I am sure this is not the case for many birds, but, sadly, it is true for a segment of the population.  After I departed from working with the local rescue, I contemplated starting a sanctuary for these beautiful Greys. In essence, my greys really are in a sanctuary of sorts… we all live together and enjoy one another’s company. However, a ‘real’ sanctuary for other greys is still a thought in the back of my mind. Can you imagine seeing the Greys, happy, healthy and living in a flock as they were meant to do? Someday….  🙂

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