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Updates….and things…

It (again) had been way too long since I have shared a post or two on my blog. Hopefully, we are back in business… There have been numerous factors that have prevented as much activity on here as I would have liked…life, work, people becoming ill, a new puppy, etc. If you read the previous post you know we lost our beloved Vet, Kevin Wright almost a year ago. It has been an adjustment, to say the least, to think he is no longer with us on Earth. We miss him greatly. In all the years I have owned and lived with parrots, 30+, never had I ever had the benefit of a brilliant mind such as Kevin’s. I never worried about my birds getting sick because he taught me even more about prevention, good nutrition and identifying (and treating) those that might become ill. To say my security is gone is an understatement. Well, as life would have it one of my birds has ‘grown’ something on the underside of his wing, which has required attention. I first noticed it about six weeks ago when I was giving him a shower. It was pink, kind of round with no seepage or blood, etc. I have been watching it as well researching possible conclusions. It seemed as though it was a feather cyst, but I was not sure. When I had the opportunity to look at and touch it, he didn’t even flinch. There was no pain- nothing.

As luck would have it, the previous office where Kevin worked now has an exotic vet that comes highly recommended by one of Kevin’s previous employees. After a quick meeting last week I made an appt. and brought my boy, Favian, in this morning. So this is what this thing looks like….

Feather cyst Finn_7.19.14       I have never seen such a growth on a bird, but it was confirmed as a feather cyst this morning. So what are the options? Watch it- he is not bothered by or picking at it; surgery- best to remove when

it is small, according to the Vet. This would mean less time under anesthesia, faster recovery, etc. So for now, I am going to watch it. It if grows or he begins picking at it, surgery will happen. If not,

we will just continue to watch it. Eventually, I will have it removed, but anesthesia in birds can be fatal. More on the flock and future plans next time……Thanks for your patience…..


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