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My dream…..

I had mentioned, upon the inception of this blog, how long I have actually owned parrots as pets. It has been an ongoing co-habitation for over 25 yrs. now. I, like most parrot owners, worry about what will happen to my birds upon my death. Now, I am not close to going anywhere, at least that I am aware, but, nonetheless, it is still a thought. It would not be odd if all of my birds outlived me, since these birds can live into, in some cases, their 80’s. The youngest grey is only 6 yrs. old; the eldest – 23 yrs. of age.

In addition to my birds, there are still so many out there in need of medical attention, a good home or a peaceful place to go to live out their years. The avian community, like many other pet or animal communities, are still suffering from the economic downturn. It is like a never ending cycle- the breeders breed more birds, people buy them and after a time decide to either sell or give them up. Once I had heard a staggering statistic reporting that most pet parrots will have an average of 37 homes in their lifetime* (anon). I am sure this is not the case for many birds, but, sadly, it is true for a segment of the population.  After I departed from working with the local rescue, I contemplated starting a sanctuary for these beautiful Greys. In essence, my greys really are in a sanctuary of sorts… we all live together and enjoy one another’s company. However, a ‘real’ sanctuary for other greys is still a thought in the back of my mind. Can you imagine seeing the Greys, happy, healthy and living in a flock as they were meant to do? Someday….  🙂

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