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Reuse and Recycle= a New Perch!

Owning birds can often make one much more creative. Seriously, you find ways to use things to make into fun playthings for your birds. Do you agree? Whether it is clean packing material, an empty box or…..a commercial clothing rack! A while ago, years actually, a good friend of mine, who has established a great non-profit, Treasures 4 Teachers, check it out – http://www.treasures4teachers.org gave me a clothing rack to use for an upcoming non-profit yard sale. She told me I could keep it. I have looked at this thing for years trying to figure out a way to make it into a perch for the gang. I would start on it, stop; re-examine or recalculate and try again. Thankfully, I have a talented handyman husband who is invaluable in these matters.

The first order of business was to shorten it. So it was cut and holes were drilled in the base to add pins to hold it. (Sorry, I don’t have any pics of it at its original height.) I repainted it and viola!

New perch baseThe next challenge was the top. My hubby, Matt, made a wood base to set on top of the metal frame, but we still needed something to cover it. I found a sheet of Formica at Habitat for Humanity for $3.00. We glued it – many times. Please keep in mind this was my first attempt at formica- it’s not the prettiest, but it works. Once the top was fitted and secured the fun began. I love making perches using natural wood in its natural form. Here in Arizona we have the luxury of many different kinds of trees, orange, grapefruit, manzanita, eucalyptus, palm, etc. I recently had taken apart another taller perch so I again recycled and added other pieces.

New perchHere it is! (Sorry about the background slightly obscuring your view.) Now all I need is to add a few birdies! (The handyman is on the left in the pic.)

New perch Gobby n Lola New perch n GobbyI may not be done with it, but it is working out great so far. I will be starting on another perch shortly. I have found that I prefer having play gyms/perches taller so my doggies cannot get at the base. Does anyone else have doggies that think bird poop is delicious?


All creatures great and small…

I remember being fascinated with birds and their ability to fly when I was a child. I so wanted to join them in the air. It looked like such fun to be able to maneuver through the trees, soaring higher and higher. After numerous experiments building my own ‘wings’ I realized it was futile and gave up. However, I still do think about being able to fly, but have decided it would probably not be safe for me to attempt hang gliding, sky diving or parachuting. I think Heaven might allow for such experiences….

As one of six children you can imagine there was always some sort of activity or goings on in my family. We didn’t really have many animals at first. I can remember our first dog, Joe. He was an English Pointer that lived in the backyard of our home. He and my father would go out on the weekends and hunt pheasant. I didn’t realize how attached I had become to Joe until the day I came home from school and he was gone. My older sister told me he had been ‘put to sleep’. I had no idea what that meant. When she told me I locked myself in my bedroom for two days, sobbing as I grieved for this ‘friend’ that had always been there to listen and play. I think this was my first dose of reality- the fact that none of us will live forever…. at least not on this Earth as we know it. It was shocking, nonetheless.

The first bird that I actually came close to touching was that of my grandmother’s. She had a parakeet that she adored. I do not remember anything about this bird except that I was fascinated with it. I so wanted to have one, but that would not happen for quite some time.

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