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Setting up the environment in the Aviary…

I have been working on the aviary to make it more homey for the birdies. This has also included the addition of some fresh palm fronds and late season Canary Island palm fruits (they are a great source of Vitamin A). In addition, there is a table garden for future greens. It is taking shape quite nicely. I took a few panoramic shots. (Forgive me, it was only my second time using this feature. I hope it gives you a sense of the size of the aviary.

You will notice our only Amazon, Zig. He is a handsome Red-Lored, who often spends time in the aviary with the Greys. You can see the table garden, which also has newspaper covering the dirt for now, the palm fruit branches and an assortment of perches, etc. I added the rope perch, which is a bit of a challenge as it wants to start swinging whenever any of the birds get on it! It’s rather comical, but they take it in stride.

In addition, I had added a child’s water/play table for a bit. (The ultimate goal is to have a couple of feeding stations.) However, they really did not like or use the table at all, so it has since been removed. The shade fabric also still needs to be decided, but since we are now heading towards our ‘winter’ here in Arizona, it is not urgent and the birds enjoy sunbathing.

Let me know what you think! Talk to you soon! I’m also working on getting some videos of the ‘kids’ to share, as well as non-profit status for an exciting new project!

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