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Are you there?

Of course, the question really is, “Are we here?” The answer is YES! The flock has stayed stagnant in number only, as they continue to grow and evolve. The characters of these birds never cease to amaze me! The vocabulary of many of the birds has expanded, or should I say the sounds emitted. 🙂 Some are talking more while others are making more sounds, either way they are awesome.

One of the residents, Scooter- who was found living in the desert a number of years ago, has often befriended some of the residents. In the past, he became friends with a female, named Hilton. I hesitated from putting them together in the same cage, but finally did so. (I should clarify-the goal is never for any of my birds to reproduce.) Upon uncovering them in the morning I found Scooter had been over preened by Hilton- he had no feathers on one side of his head! They continued to hang out together, but not in the same cage, until Hilton went to a new home. Scooter has now become best friends with another male, Favian. Favian is a regal guy- the unspoken King of the flock, until one of the girls decides to boss him around. 🙂

For a year, Favian and Scooter could not wait to get out of their cages and feed and hang out with one another. I was extremely concerned about putting two males in the same cage. However, after a year of them spending time together while residing in separate cages, they moved in together. It has been over six months and there has been no fighting or bickering. They are friends and enjoy spending time together and apart when they are out of the cage. Scooter has even become almost fully feathered, something that had not happened previously.

When they are out of the cage they play inside boxes. Really…it’s a simple toy and can be obtained at no cost. I hand select the boxes when I visit Costco. Once the boxes have been put in place, they have a grand time shredding, designing and creating a humble abode. I know this is mating behaviour, but there is no concern with such things involving, ‘the boys’ as they have come to be known. More to follow….











It has been three months since Scooter had  his surgery and he is doing great! His scar continues to improve and fade away….His personality has remained outstanding! He is truly a delight to be around and it seems to be mutual too. 🙂

3 months post-op.... Scooter continues to improve.... 9.8.11



It has been six weeks since Scooter had surgery on his left nare. He is doing exceptionally well and continues to heal nicely. He is such a good boy with a great personality! I wanted to share the pics Dr. W., our awesome vet, took during the procedure.

Here is Scooter anesthetized….

Out and awaiting surgery_ 6.9.11

Keep in mind the reason Scooter had this procedure was to identify and remove whatever was causing the enlarged nare. Below are pics of what was removed…yuck!


More 'stuff'....

Here he is after his surgery….

After surgery....

And here is Scooter today….I am sure he feels much better having that awful ‘stuff’ out of his nasal passage/sinus area!

Scooter today- 6 weeks after surgery on his nare....

Scooter….post collar….

I happy to say Scooter is doing extremely well. Dr. W. gave the approval for the removal of the Elizabethan collar on Thursday, 6.23.11. Within 12 hours the scab fell off at the site of surgery. There is still some swelling, which will go down as he heals. He is still on antibiotics, but is back to his old self…..I have even heard him talking- saying words and names- something he has never done before. Don’t get me wrong, he has been vocal; however, he only expressed himself in sounds, i.e. other birds, ringtones, etc.

He continues to be just as awesome as the day I first met him- pleasant, loving and always open to new things…..

Post collar_6.24.11

Latest on Scooter….

It has been 11 days since since Scooter had  surgery on his nare. He has adjusted (and accepted) having to wear an Elizabethan collar, not being able to hold any food or toys, and not being able to scratch any itches or preen himself. He is still eating Harrison’s Recovery Formula, which he eats from a spoon. Yesterday he had all four of his sutures removed. The vet techs praised him for being so good (only emitting a few growls).

This bird is such an exceptional guy. Despite living in the desert, (for who knows how long), he continues to be accepting, patient and loving. He does seem to know we are trying to help him get better.The first photo below was taken 24 hrs. after he came home.

Post Op_6.09.11

5 days post op

This photo was taken about 5 days after surgery….

I will post more pics and info shortly….

Update on Scooter…

I am happy to say Scooter came through his surgery beautifully! Dr. W. found a bunch of black ‘gunk’ in the left nare. It was almost completely blocked and most likely due to a severe Vitamin A deficiency. However, we will not know the final outcome until the biopsy results come back. In the meantime, Scooter is tired and trying to get some rest. He is having a rough time wearing the Elizabethan collar, but seems to be a bit better about it this morning. He has some sutures and redness, which certainly are to be expected given the extensive invasion of the ‘black gunk’. I should have some pics up soon… please say a prayer for our little buddy, Scooter. He is such a great guy and despite his exhaustion and pain, he continues to be gentle. Thank you! 🙂

Scooter and his nare…

To date, Scooter’s nare continues to be a problem. Let me clarify- it is just a problem for those of us who see it. It doesn’t bother or stop him from doing anything; if he is determined to do something he does it. He is such a pleasure; enjoying his head being scratched so much he often will not transfer to a perch because he wants to stay with me. He eats (or tries) everything that is put in front of him too. He doesn’t really talk, just makes some sounds and is very relaxed when he is out on a perch. He can be a little bossy, often chases the other birds off the perch. However, he doesn’t hurt anyone- just bosses them around.

A short time after Scooter had gotten settled in, a pair of CAG’s had joined the flock. They had been kept together in the same aviary, outdoors for about four years. The male was about 9 yrs. old, the female about 15 yrs. old. I will tell you more about them later, but for now you need to know that Scooter found the female very attractive. When they were both out together one day, he immediately went to her. She allowed him to feed her and be close, but that’s where she drew the line. They often hang out together, on a perch or cage, but she is quick to keep him in line if thinks things should go further. Obviously, when they are out with some of the other birds Scooter is extremely protective.

Since Scooter came to the flock he has continued to pluck his feathers. Some come in and stay for a while until one day they have disappeared- except for his wings, head and tail, just as he was when he arrived. Recently, I have begun a more strict treatment using the Booster, Builder and Harrison’s pelleted food as I have done with Magee to build his immune system. We are also close to having the Vet treat the nare as it has not cleared up on its own. Scooter is a delight, never biting and always willing to spend time with you. He is unique among the flock in many respects; and always seems to be grateful for his life in our home. I will keep  you updated on his progress!


Meet Scooter….

Another CAG that lives with me is Scooter* (his name has been changed for the purpose of this blog & to protect his identity). He is an interesting, feisty guy that was found roaming around in the desert. The individual that found him said they had captured a “red-tailed hawk”. We have no idea how long this bird was scavenging to keep himself alive. However, based on the manner in which he reacts to food, I think it was quite a while. His reaction to food is different than any of the other Greys. He gets so excited he cannot sit still, much like our female Lab. If a bird could salivate at the thought of food this one would do so.

After conducting a thorough search to try and locate an owner, with no success, he moved in permanently. Scooter is quite different in temperament, in many respects, compared to the other Greys. From the beginning he has allowed us to pet him with no fear or angst, enjoying the interaction and contact, with what seems to be a great deal of gratitude that he has been saved from a life of constantly foraging for food. As you can imagine, he was not getting proper nutrition and was featherless, except for his wings, tail and head. The rest of his body was covered in down.


Our first task was to see Dr. W. for an exam and evaluation. A feather picking panel was completed. Within two weeks we found out all tests yielded normal results. A healthy diet was introduced with no arguments from Scooter.  He was a bit jittery at times, biting and pulling on his nails, which was noted at the Vet’s office. However, it seemed it only happened when he was in such a situation- new to him, with different people. At home, he continued to do well, settling in well and biting his nails less and less. I had some concern about a Vitamin A deficiency given his condition, but Dr. W. did not think he exhibited symptoms that would not be addressed with proper diet.  There was one issue -the skin around one of Scooter’s nares was swollen. Rather than stress the bird out any further we elected to take him home, watch it and see if it improved on its own.

Scooter's swollen nare....

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