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Are you there?

Of course, the question really is, “Are we here?” The answer is YES! The flock has stayed stagnant in number only, as they continue to grow and evolve. The characters of these birds never cease to amaze me! The vocabulary of many of the birds has expanded, or should I say the sounds emitted. 🙂 Some are talking more while others are making more sounds, either way they are awesome.

One of the residents, Scooter- who was found living in the desert a number of years ago, has often befriended some of the residents. In the past, he became friends with a female, named Hilton. I hesitated from putting them together in the same cage, but finally did so. (I should clarify-the goal is never for any of my birds to reproduce.) Upon uncovering them in the morning I found Scooter had been over preened by Hilton- he had no feathers on one side of his head! They continued to hang out together, but not in the same cage, until Hilton went to a new home. Scooter has now become best friends with another male, Favian. Favian is a regal guy- the unspoken King of the flock, until one of the girls decides to boss him around. 🙂

For a year, Favian and Scooter could not wait to get out of their cages and feed and hang out with one another. I was extremely concerned about putting two males in the same cage. However, after a year of them spending time together while residing in separate cages, they moved in together. It has been over six months and there has been no fighting or bickering. They are friends and enjoy spending time together and apart when they are out of the cage. Scooter has even become almost fully feathered, something that had not happened previously.

When they are out of the cage they play inside boxes. Really…it’s a simple toy and can be obtained at no cost. I hand select the boxes when I visit Costco. Once the boxes have been put in place, they have a grand time shredding, designing and creating a humble abode. I know this is mating behaviour, but there is no concern with such things involving, ‘the boys’ as they have come to be known. More to follow….









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