4 Greys on a perch_8.4.10

As many of you out there, I fell in love and became fascinated with parrots, or any bird for that matter, at some point in my life. I was exposed to several birds over the course of my lifetime; however, I did not purchase my first parrot until 1988. Since then I have owned a Cockatoo, Macaw and now African Greys, mostly Congos with one very funny Timneh in the flock too.

I think one of the biggest concerns for most parrot owners is feather-plucking. While my first Greys were not pluckers, many that came after them were or are. I have learned a great deal about these beautiful birds and hope to share it with all of you. In addition, the individual personalities of these creatures continue to entertain, amuse, fascinate and move me. Please feel free to leave your comments. I am happy to share and hear your stories too!


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