We have been very, very busy here at Just Greys and Life Among The Greys. The birds continue to thrive as Spring in the desert fades and temperatures begin to warm up. Recently we have experienced temps in the 90’s, 80’s and even the 70’s. During the day, some of the birds go out in the aviary to enjoy the sunshine, freedom of nature and digging in the dirt. I am amazed at just how interesting dirt can be to these African Greys. I will post some pics of the interior of the aviary and one of the solutions we have developed that provides some healthy nutrition for the birds. The goal is to mimic nature as best we can, given our circumstances.

One of the other things beneficial to living here in Arizona is the availability of palm fronts. Often, I will ask neighbors for some of their fronds, which are then placed in the aviary. This provides hours of entertainment and activity for the birds….sounds like a commercial for kids toys, doesn’t it? In a way it is….Currently, we are also working on an improved feeding area. Again, I will post pics once it is set up.

One thing I did want to share….I wish a camera had been in my hand when I witnessed this, but unfortunately, there was not. A few weeks ago, I was out by the aviary and noticed a hummingbird flitting around. We have many different species here in Arizona and they are here year round, due to the beautiful weather. I do not know what species it was, but it was very busy. I thought is was seeking food, but I was wrong….One of the things that happens with the Greys is their down feathers, which as most of you know, are very ‘sticky’, will get caught on the wire mesh. They often remain there until we get a windy day or I remove them. I was blessed to witness this hummingbird fly around to the back wall of the aviary. I thought at first, to look at the Greys, but soon enough watched as the hummingbird collected a down feather in its beak. It then took off to who knows where…(it was too fast for me to follow). It made me smile with great pleasure to know that in some small way my African Greys were helping another bird as it created new life. I still smile imagining some of those down feathers lining a nest, softening the environment for those tiny hummingbird babies. 🙂

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