To Clip or not to Clip……?

If you read my previous blog post, you know we had a horrible occurrence many months ago. It so happened that Scooter flew away and spent two nights in the Arizona outdoor climate. He is a tough cookie, nonetheless it was extremely stressful for everyone involved. I have had parrots for over 30 yrs and have always clipped their wings. This was a recommendation in order to avoid injury inside the house, i.e. flying into a ceiling fan, a window, or any object, and also to avoid losing a bird when it might flight out an open door into the unknown. I have not felt badly about this as I know it saved many of my birds from a terrifying ‘adventure’ outdoors. Yes, I know they are birds and they were meant to fly…..but they were also not meant to live in a house, so the scales of nature are out of balance. If I were lucky enough to have a very large outdoor aviary, where they could live a more ‘natural’ life, I would leave their wings the way God intended. But for now, they are entrusted to me and I must insure they are well cared for and safe. It is also important to remember there are predators outdoors. Despite the fact we live in a suburb, there are hawks, falcons and others that would love nothing more to find a fairly easy meal in a lost parrot. I cannot tell you how often I have walked in our lovely park across the street and found the remains of pigeon or dove that met its demise from one of the beautiful raptors that hunt there.

So this brings up the question I would like to ask those of you out there who are parrot owners. Do you clip their wings or not? If you do not, why not? If you do, share your thoughts too. We all need to learn from one another, and ultimately, what you decide for your birds is your choice. I fell strongly that it is important we do not press our own views on others in this regard. Please share your thoughts, comments and experiences….


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