Since leaving my part-time job a few weeks ago, I am slowly getting back up to speed with things….especially with the birdies. I purchased a new cage and sold another. I never thought that parting with a bird cage would have been sad, but this one leaving was just that for me.  You see this cage happened to be for my first Grey. In some way, I could compare it to parting with your kid’s baby crib. Favian has been with me for quite some time and continues to be ‘king’ of the flock, until one of the girls comes down and puts him in his place. 🙂 Anyway, this was his cage and it was just to big and heavy for me to continue wheeling in and out of the  house week after week. You see, at least once a week, all the birdies (and their cages) go outside to get some sunshine and maybe a shower. We are blessed here in Phoenix to have such great heat. (Yes, I said blessed.) The heat allows the cages to dry out quickly and thoroughly and it also allows the use of the water from the garden hose for bird showers. The heat also ensures the water in the garden hose is never too cold.

In addition, I purchased some toys/perches that could be hung from the ceiling. Those have now been hung and the birds are enjoying their time on both. Today, we also had a ‘bird mart’ in town. I debated about going, but wanted to get out of the house and see what else might be out there. I ended up with just a couple of things- a ‘boing’ (sp?), rope perch and a rope ball. You can tell my birds like rope.  The boing will be added to the collection hanging (and often swinging) from the ceiling, [Am I spelling ‘boing’ correctly?]


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