We’re back!

Life has been extremely busy in the last year. The flock continues to do well, which I will tell you about in the next post. Forgive my lack of participation as I have had some surgery (ankle), did some PT, worked a lot and more. But you all are equally busy, I am sure, with different circumstances. My ankle is not 100% yet. The dr. told me it would take 12 months for complete healing of the soft tissue and 18 months for healing of the nerves. I should tell you how this all transpired as you will appreciate it, I am sure. I did not break my ankle, but rather rolled it. Now keep in mind I had the surgery at the end of January (this year); however, it was actually injured at the end of February or beginning of March of 2012.

So how did this happen? Well, I often like to take a bird up to bed with me for some snuggle time. It provides some nice one on one time with the flock and relaxation for me. This particular evening I happen to have taken Stu upstairs with me. We had a most enjoyable time together…you know, head scratches, chatting, etc. After about a half an hour it was time for night-night so we proceeded to the stairs….which is when my ankle trouble began. I neglected to turn the light on as we progressed down the stairs. After reaching what I thought was the landing, I put all my weight on my right foot. Yikes! Poor Stu went flying and I tumbled and cried out in excruciating pain! Stu was unscathed, and gladly got back on my hand. I wondered if I had broken my ankle; however, I was able to walk on it. It began to swell immediately so ice was applied. It was huge and seemed to take forever to go down…I do mean forever. By September it was clear there was some permanent damage. After some tests and a few trips to the dr. I found I had torn a ligament on the top of the ankle. The doc told me that in an of itself I could have gotten around as our body has a “back up system” in the ankle – perineal tendons. However, he also told me my back up system (perineal tendons) was non-existent. Faced with continued pain in other joints as a result of the misalignment, fluid in the joint, general instability and a future with Mr. “Arthir- Itis” – surgery was recommended.

Rather than have the surgery during the holidays I opted for the procedure to take place in January. So there you have it. The birds did not know what to think when they first saw me on crutches. I told them “Momma has a boo boo”. So of course, within two days Mario was saying, “Hey Boo Boo” when I walked into the room. They are so funny…I progressed from a cast to one of those ‘boots’, then a soft brace, which I still use now. So there you have it….I cannot wait to share news about the birdies with you…So please do stay tuned, share the blog with friends, and feel free to comment! Thank you for hanging in there!

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