As you may or may not know, Magee has had a bit of a setback…actually, to say ‘a bit’ is probably an understatement. His downward spiral, backsliding, whatever you want to call it seemed to have begun when we went away for a week back in August. My daughter was staying here, providing care and attention to our animals, but it didn’t seem to matter. Magee began plucking his feathers and it just seemed to get worse. Remembering his condition and diagnosis when he arrived prompted me to go back to some basics…at least they are Magee basics.This included providing him will that wonderful supplement “Booster” from Harrison’s.


When feeding this to your bird, it is often recommended that it is fed orally with a syringe. However, one of the great things that I have learned about Magee is that he LOVES peanut butter. So I mix some Booster with peanut butter, put it in his dish…and viola! He eats it like there is no tomorrow. In just the few short weeks I have been doing this, (he doesn’t get it every day- maybe one to two times a week), I have already noticed a change. His feathers are coming back in, he is not plucking and he is also in a much better mood, happier, playing, singing and generally sounding off. It is a pleasure to show you the difference…mind you it is very slight, but I see it… do you?


I know it’s not the best picture…. Now look at the one taken this morning…

Taken today_12.18.11

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