One more thing about the palm fruits….

Branch loaded with Palm Fruits

So this is how these fun fruits ‘come packaged’…. the branch is especially fun for the birds to chew on too. There is not a lot of flesh on these fruits, but it doesn’t matter the birds love them and it keeps them busy. There is one thing you have to be aware of and on the lookout for, though. The center of the fruit has a fairly large seed. It is about the size of a coffee bean, similar in shape with one exception. It is more like there are two coffee beans put together- flat side to flat side. However, there is only a ‘seam’ on one side. Check them out….

Palm Fruit Seeds

That being said…. you do have to be aware that occasionally a bird will get one of these babies stuck on the side of their beak….. like this…

Rut row....

Zabby, with the scissor beak, ‘wearing’ a palm fruit. It doesn’t harm them and they do come off fairly easily. In her case it is more obvious because of her uneven beak. A few of the others have also gotten them stuck and we resolve the issue in seconds…..  🙂

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