Pardon my distraction…

I apologize for not writing sooner. I have been on an emotional roller coaster for the last few weeks as my 10 yr. lab mix was diagnosed with cancer. He is one of those dogs that you hope come along in your lifetime, and when they do you wish they could live as long as your parrots. We went a a new vet, who was compassionate and upfront as the decision was made to perform surgery to remove the tumor. (Thankfully, this was an option as the cancer had not spread throughout his body.) The vet, Dr. T., and his staff have been nothing short of wonderful in welcoming my boy and I. They were also gracious enough to take pictures during the procedure. I will only post one pic of the gnarly, nasty cancerous blob that was taken out of my boy. *Disclaimer- it may be offensive to some of you.

It occurred to me just how much we all dread hearing the word cancer in reference to ourselves or someone we love, but it really doesn’t have a face.  Those who are medically trained deal with and see it, but the rest of us only fear it as a death sentence. Regardless, here is its’ face….. We must continue our fight against this awful disease in humans and all other creatures…..

The gnarly cancerous tumor taken from my doggie


Since we are bird oriented on this blog, I have to ask, does it kind of look like a birdie to you too? In a weird sort of way….

Anyway, it has been almost two weeks since my Lab mix, Sampson had this thing removed and he is doing fantastic! He has just about healed and we are praying that this thing, (or any of its relatives), show up again. I’ll be back to the flock in the next post!

Sampson, a.k.a. Lovebug....

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