Mario and his feathers….

If you are new to this blog, I would encourage you to go back and read up on each bird individually, especially Mario as his recovery is ongoing, and pretty spectacular to say the least.

Now back to our hero…….After observing Mario in his first 24 hrs. with us it became obvious it was difficult for him to relax. When I awoke to greet him the first morning, I found him in exactly the same position as I left him the night before – hanging on the side of his cage. He had not and did not eat, but spent his time pacing, climbing and swinging upside down inside his abode. It happened to be a Sunday, which is the day I usually wheel all the cages outside so they get some sunshine and a quick rinse. In an effort to distract Mario I wheeled his cage outside too. I knew he had not been outside for quite sometime and thought this would distract him from his abnormal behaviors. However, his pacing, swinging and climbing did not stop. Originally reluctant to give him a quick rinse as the others had already enjoyed, it became obvious he was not going to sit still. So he and his cage, (which was covered in bird powder and dander), got a rinse. To my amazement he actually relaxed and began taking short naps after his ‘bath’. This confirmed something Dr. W. had told me before with Magee- with a Vitamin A deficiency often comes very dry skin. In Magee’s case, it was obvious as I observed him that something was driving him crazy- he acted as if he felt like bugs were crawling all over his body. So it made sense with Mario too. While he didn’t have many feathers, the ones he did have were in very bad shape & extremely brittle.

Mario's broken feathers

One of the other tasks that had to be performed early on, was the removal of some broken feathers on Mario’s right wing. This went very well, initially; however, it became obvious -quickly-that this would be another ongoing problem. Everytime we attempted to remove Mario from his cage brought flailing, flapping, stress and then blood spraying everywhere. No matter how quickly we managed to catch him to give him his daily medications, blood went flying. I tried to wrap the wing with no success. I called Dr. W.’s office to get some help. They scheduled us in the first time slot the next morning. Dr. W. walked in looking fresh and crisp in his taupe colored shirt and light colored trousers. I took Mario out of his travel cage. Within minutes, he began to flap and flail and Dr. W.’s fresh, clean attire was now sprayed with blood. The vet techs came in and bandaged the right wing and we were off. Thankfully, Mario did not really obsess about the bandage and we were able to keep it on, allowing his wing to heal…….

Mario and his bandaged wing.....

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