Latest on Scooter….

It has been 11 days since since Scooter had  surgery on his nare. He has adjusted (and accepted) having to wear an Elizabethan collar, not being able to hold any food or toys, and not being able to scratch any itches or preen himself. He is still eating Harrison’s Recovery Formula, which he eats from a spoon. Yesterday he had all four of his sutures removed. The vet techs praised him for being so good (only emitting a few growls).

This bird is such an exceptional guy. Despite living in the desert, (for who knows how long), he continues to be accepting, patient and loving. He does seem to know we are trying to help him get better.The first photo below was taken 24 hrs. after he came home.

Post Op_6.09.11

5 days post op

This photo was taken about 5 days after surgery….

I will post more pics and info shortly….

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