The gang…

I thought I would take a bit of a break from discussing the health related ‘issues’ associated with some of the birds and give you a glimpse of what life is like with these guys and gals. All of the Greys are covered at night, but that doesn’t stop them from letting us know the sun has come up the next day. The birds are downstairs in a large room. Our bedroom is upstairs. Once the sun has begun its journey to full daylight, any sounds from upstairs stimulate reaction from the birds downstairs. The sound can be as simple as one of us turning over in bed. They do not continue, generally speaking, if we stop moving around. However, once the sun comes up the wake up sounds begin. Many of the sounds are the same as the wild birds outside. We also hear one (or more) of the birds imitating dogs in the neighborhood, the back-up truck safety beep-beep-beep, and lots of other chatty sounds. They may awaken me before I would like, but I love hearing them every morning. Then there are the phrases and words. Like, “wake up”, “I love you”, “good morning” and it goes on and on.

Once breakfast is over, there is some activity, i.e. chewing on toys, wandering around, etc., then it is time for some preening and a nap. One of the birds even asks to come out of his cage, “I come out?” On days that I have to work outside of the house everyone has something to say when I leave, i.e. “see ya later”, “bye bye”, “I’ll be right back”, “you be good”. Evening brings, “you go night-nights, you go sleepies? I love you”, “night-night”, “I love you”.

One or two of the birds are exceptional talkers. They are almost like tape recorders, hearing something once or twice and then repeating at the appropriate time. Mario, likes to imitate me yelling at one of the dogs, who thinks bird poop is delicious. “Hey, get outta there!” he exclaims when she grazes, seeking droppings or anything else that might be edible in her world. “Whatcha doin?” he often asks me….. He gives me a kiss, complete with the sound and then imitates the sound of me clapping my hands together, as I do to let him know I approve. Then there is the dancing….one starts to bop, making the sound of someone snapping their fingers to music, as he continues to dance to the tune in his head. Or he might even sing his own song. One of the most enjoyable things is to see most of the birds begin to bop along with whoever started the whole thing! They will bop their head, ‘snap fingers’, and sing songs. They are a riot and extremely entertaining. I hope to get a video or two of them as they dance and sing….in the meantime, here are four of them out on the perch and out of their cage…..

Some of the grey gang....5.5.11

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