Scooter and his nare…

To date, Scooter’s nare continues to be a problem. Let me clarify- it is just a problem for those of us who see it. It doesn’t bother or stop him from doing anything; if he is determined to do something he does it. He is such a pleasure; enjoying his head being scratched so much he often will not transfer to a perch because he wants to stay with me. He eats (or tries) everything that is put in front of him too. He doesn’t really talk, just makes some sounds and is very relaxed when he is out on a perch. He can be a little bossy, often chases the other birds off the perch. However, he doesn’t hurt anyone- just bosses them around.

A short time after Scooter had gotten settled in, a pair of CAG’s had joined the flock. They had been kept together in the same aviary, outdoors for about four years. The male was about 9 yrs. old, the female about 15 yrs. old. I will tell you more about them later, but for now you need to know that Scooter found the female very attractive. When they were both out together one day, he immediately went to her. She allowed him to feed her and be close, but that’s where she drew the line. They often hang out together, on a perch or cage, but she is quick to keep him in line if thinks things should go further. Obviously, when they are out with some of the other birds Scooter is extremely protective.

Since Scooter came to the flock he has continued to pluck his feathers. Some come in and stay for a while until one day they have disappeared- except for his wings, head and tail, just as he was when he arrived. Recently, I have begun a more strict treatment using the Booster, Builder and Harrison’s pelleted food as I have done with Magee to build his immune system. We are also close to having the Vet treat the nare as it has not cleared up on its own. Scooter is a delight, never biting and always willing to spend time with you. He is unique among the flock in many respects; and always seems to be grateful for his life in our home. I will keepĀ  you updated on his progress!


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