Meet Scooter….

Another CAG that lives with me is Scooter* (his name has been changed for the purpose of this blog & to protect his identity). He is an interesting, feisty guy that was found roaming around in the desert. The individual that found him said they had captured a “red-tailed hawk”. We have no idea how long this bird was scavenging to keep himself alive. However, based on the manner in which he reacts to food, I think it was quite a while. His reaction to food is different than any of the other Greys. He gets so excited he cannot sit still, much like our female Lab. If a bird could salivate at the thought of food this one would do so.

After conducting a thorough search to try and locate an owner, with no success, he moved in permanently. Scooter is quite different in temperament, in many respects, compared to the other Greys. From the beginning he has allowed us to pet him with no fear or angst, enjoying the interaction and contact, with what seems to be a great deal of gratitude that he has been saved from a life of constantly foraging for food. As you can imagine, he was not getting proper nutrition and was featherless, except for his wings, tail and head. The rest of his body was covered in down.


Our first task was to see Dr. W. for an exam and evaluation. A feather picking panel was completed. Within two weeks we found out all tests yielded normal results. A healthy diet was introduced with no arguments from Scooter.  He was a bit jittery at times, biting and pulling on his nails, which was noted at the Vet’s office. However, it seemed it only happened when he was in such a situation- new to him, with different people. At home, he continued to do well, settling in well and biting his nails less and less. I had some concern about a Vitamin A deficiency given his condition, but Dr. W. did not think he exhibited symptoms that would not be addressed with proper diet.  There was one issue -the skin around one of Scooter’s nares was swollen. Rather than stress the bird out any further we elected to take him home, watch it and see if it improved on its own.

Scooter's swollen nare....

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