One thing I forgot to mention- at the onset of the stinky, soupy poopies, Magee began holding his poop. He would not go in his cage at all during the night, which is fairly normal, but would also hold everything in – all day, if necessary. As a result, one of my first acts every morning is to take Magee out of his cage and put him on a perch for his breakfast and morning poop. If I am out all day, he comes out as soon as I get home. I have heard of other cases where birds hold their poop too; however, I have not heard of any reasonable explanation. I would imagine in Magee’s case he began holding everything in because it stunk so much, but it is no matter. We just work with it. When he is out on a perch he goes on a regular basis. I have had a few discussions with Dr. W. about this issue too. It seems as though it is one of those idiosyncrasies that is specific to each bird, much like we humans have our own.



A noticeable improvement took place with the introduction of Booster into Magee’s diet. His feathers began coming back in, his poop became normal (most of the time), and he began interacting with myself and the other birds. He has gotten so much better that his cage has been moved into the same room with most of the other Greys. He seems to be enjoying being a part of the flock too. He is ‘dancing’ with the other birds, talking a bit more, and exhibits a more calm sense of well-being. While there is still some ground to cover with Magee, I am hopeful that he will someday be an emotionally well-balanced birdie. He has overcome quite a bit, like living in a cage in a barn, alone for over a year; some serious health concerns and deficiencies, and the challenge to become healthy again. I continue to feed Booster, Builder (Avix), Red Palm Oil in his food, and Harrison’s pellets, get him out of the cage, and take very small, baby steps with Magee as he takes a step forward and then regresses three back. I know the process will take time, (he has already been with me a year), but I have hopes Magee will eventually be complete. His previous owners told me he knows opera and I would love to hear him sing one day! I will keep you updated on  his progress…… Below are two pics taken this morning.



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  • Melissa  On May 8, 2011 at 5:43 PM

    Susan, it was great to run into you yesterday! Your blog is wonderful, I love to see what a great job you are doing with all of your greys! What lucky birdies they are.


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