The next phase…

Magee finished his two weeks of treatment with some beneficial outcome. However, within a short time he was back to having those stinky, soupy poops. I debated about taking him back to the Vet, but had read that C-diff often takes over in an intestinal tract after a round of antibiotics. While Magee had needed such treatment initially, giving him more antibiotics seemed as if it would only perpetuate the problem. I thought I would target building his immune system and try a few treatments on my own. The first involved feeding birds clay. I remembered an issue of National Geographic, Jan. 1994 following Macaws and Amazons in their native South America.

The article talked about, and depicted, the clay ‘licks’ the birds went to daily. They, literally, hung on the side of a riverbank, dry area, and ate clay. This helped the birds’ systems to neutralize any toxins they may have consumed in the form of wild berries, etc.

I had taken a few chemistry and    biology courses in the last year so some of what I had read about potential cures made sense. The toxins have a negative charge; the clay- positive. The toxins are drawn to the clay and expelled from the birds’ body. Now I was on a hunt to get ‘pure’ clay to feed to my birds. I learned that animals are not the only ones that eat clay/dirt. Many humans are known to be drawn to eating dirt, which is also an indication of anemia. However, in the quest for health many people consume a small amount of clay every day too. I found two vendors that sold this type of clay and called both. It seemed rather funny that the vendor in CA mined their clay in Az; and the Az vendor mined in CA. Regardless, both had miraculous testimonies of how their health, and that of many animals had been transformed by consuming this beneficial clay. One woman said her brother had birds that were feather pickers. After being on the ‘clay treatment’ all were now in beautiful feather. I placed my order and upon its arrival, began adding a small amount of the fine powdered clay to all of the bird’s food. In order to be sure Magee consumed his, I mixed it with his beloved peanut butter. The results were amazing, initially. His poop began changing, becoming more normal. I thought we had found the answer! However, after a few weeks things went back to the way they had been- stinky, soupy poopy. I was disappointed and discouraged.

I had also read about ‘bird salad’, which translated to a mixture of beneficial dried herbs. The thought is that it allows birds to consume the herbs/plants they would intuitively need to treat themselves in the wild. After doing further research, I determined the herbs could be of benefit and cause no harm, I placed my order. The birds were less than impressed with this method, although they did had fun playing with and chewing on the dried herbs. While I have not ordered any more of this product, because I still have the initial bag, I do think anytime you can introduce safe, healthy plant life into a birds’ diet it is beneficial.So, I was right back where I started.

Disclaimer*-Please do not go out in your back yard or the woods and dig up clay and plants and feed them to your birds. There is no way to be sure the clay or plants are pure, untreated or uncontaminated! Be safe and sure when providing any foods to your precious birdies.

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