The saga continues…..

Initially, Magee was in a medium sized cage; however, there is one cage I love, which I managed to find on Craigslist. It was used, but in mint condition. After a thorough scrubbing and disinfecting, it was ready for him. Up until now Magee had been quarantined to prevent the spread of any bacteria to the other birds. Now it was time to move him into the same room where most of the birds were housed. He settled in quite nicely and continued on his road to success…. or so I thought.

Magee in his new cage

After a couple of months on the road to recovery we had a setback. One morning I noticed Magee’s poop looked more like soup than poop. It was splatted all over the bottom of the cage. I waited, watched, tried to treat with so success. As time went on it only got worse and then it began to have a strong odor. It was awful! I brought a sample to Dr. W. who told me it looked like ‘vomit’. After some testing, we found Magee had Clostridium difficile, more commonly known in the human medical community as ‘C-diff’. Based on what I have read, C-diff lives in our intestinal tract, as well as bird’s, in a proper balance. However, it can overpower or over-populate, causing symptoms like diarrhea. It is a bacteria to be taken seriously as it takes the lives of many senior citizens (human) every day. As you can imagine medication was prescribed to treat Magee’s condition. It was a white, chalky substance that was to be given 2x/day for 10 days.

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