Magee’s treatment began immediately at his initial exam with his first Vitamin A shot. At home we began the course of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications. However, there was so much more that had to be addressed such as the poor diet Magee had been on. His last owners had loved him and tried to get him well for quite some time, with no success. He had been on a limited intake diet of seed and pellets along with some fruit. We have no idea what kind of diet he had been on the previous 12 yrs, which included the year or so he lived in a barn by himself. Pellets and lots of fruits and veggies were introduced. Everything I put in front of him he either sampled it or ate it. It was a challenge just to keep up with his voracious appetite. It was actually very rewarding to see him enjoying his food and eating so much. Within a few weeks, feathers started to come back in. The pictures below were taken about a month into treatment……

Magee 6.7.2010

Magee 6.3.2010

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