Meet Magee & Zabby…

As I previously mentioned, my first CAG came to me fully feathered, well balanced, with no ‘issues’ except a need to interact with me. I felt so blessed to have him. However, as I began taking in birds it was apparent there was another ‘world’ out there. One in which birds were plucking, mutilating, and biting their nails, as well as physical abnormalities.

About a year ago, I was introduced to Magee, now 23 yrs. old and Zabby, specific age unknown- estimated to be 10 at the time. Both birds had been living with their previous owners for a number of years; MageeĀ  about 10 yrs., Zabby -under 5 yrs. Much of Magee’s pre-history was unknown except for one awful detail. At some point in his life he had been put in a cage, in a barn and left there for over a year. He was a plucker. Who wouldn’t be? Zabby on the other hand had originally come from the South, literally- rescued after Hurricane Katrina. She was in perfect feather with only one obvious issue- a scissor beak. Both birds were reported as ‘nippy’.

Whenever a new bird comes to me I spend the first week observing them. One thing that became obvious with Magee, rather quickly, was his need to preen himself. He acted as if he had bugs crawling all over him. He would go from one area to another, rapidly and frequently, in what I call ‘turbo-preening’. He also had a rather ‘crazy’ look in his eyes. It was obvious he needed to meet our local avian vet.

* Side note- For those of you that have birds, are thinking of getting a bird, or know someone with birds- please find an avian vet. Do not go to a dog/cat vet- an avian vet is essential in providing proper care for these beauties. As you continue to meet and learn about my birds you will understand why.

So off to Dr. W we went- Magee-for an exam, evaluation and testing; and Zabby to have an exam, evaluation and beak trim.

Zabby...Pre-beak trim

Magee 5.24.10

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