The flock….

I have eluded to the number of birds in my flock, but have not officially disclosed the total. You may be wondering if I could be one of those animal hoarders on the TV shows. Truth be known, I can understand how people get themselves in such a position. Most of them have good intentions- in the beginning. They can’t say no, the numbers soar and before you know it they cannot keep up with everything. It’s crazy. My heart goes out to the animals and those who have tried to help all involved. I have set boundaries on our flock numbers and will hold fast to those numbers. If I ever get to the point where I cannot properly care for these beauties, changes will be made. Regardless, by the time I introduce you to all of the members of the flock  you will know the exact number….the total is really irrelevant, from my perspective.

As previously mentioned, I had been working with a local Rescue for about three years. The economy was good, people were surrendering and adopting birds. However, when the economy crashed so did the number of birds being adopted, but the intake numbers increased. There were birds that had been abandoned in homes, owners who could not afford to keep their birds, or those that were in the process of losing their homes. Needless to say the stories were different, yet the same and each one was heart-breaking. As the volume increased at the Rescue space ran out. Everyone that was helping at the Rescue was taking in birds to foster until we could find homes for them. But not every bird that came in was adoptable. African Greys, as most of you know, can have tremendous psychological issues and, as I have learned, health & dietary issues. I have come to believe that most of the feather plucking that goes on with pet birds has more to do with diet that anything else. I will talk more about this when introducing each bird to you.

Many of the birds in my flock are not adoptable. They may be at some point in the future, but those I was fostering have now become my own. Each requires work, whether it be in the form of handling or diet, time is what is necessary in order to rehabilitate them. I have learned a great deal about each one and their nutritional and psychological needs. They are all individuals with their own personalities and, as I have said before, extremely entertaining.

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