Get to it already!

I know, I know… the blog is supposed to be about African Greys… You are probably thinking- get to it already! So I will fast forward a bit to life now- with African Greys. Currently, I live with a very small flock of birds, most of which are Greys; two are Amazons. I never intended to have so many, it just sort of happened. After adopting my first grey from a Rescue 3 yrs. ago I was hooked. He was 8 yrs. old, a big boy and beautiful. He came with what I thought was an awful name that did not do any justice to his magnificence.  “Favian” became his new identity. [For the purposes of this blog, all birds’ will have pseudo names to protect their identity. 🙂 ]

Favian was a great deal of fun. He was quiet at first, but slowly words began coming out. The funny thing was he didn’t really speak in just words, but sentences. The first one being, “Can I pet you?” As you can imagine it is what I had been saying to him for the first couple of weeks as we got to know one another. There was no indication of this sentence speaking grey’s ability until one day he just came out with it. He was on the back of my office chair. I thought he was saying something, but I was engrossed in the computer. Then I asked him if he had just said this to me. He looked at me and said, very clearly, “Can I pet you?” and put his head down so I could scratch it! I was in love! Favian continued to expand his vocabulary, or maybe I should say share it with me. He even loved singing and dancing! The best part of watching him sing was the way he moved his lower beak from side to side as if he was singing vibrato.

Over the years I had read about many pet parrots that had ‘issues’, chewing their feathers and even mutilating themselves. African Greys seemed to be particularly prone to this upsetting habit. Thankfully, Favian had no such issues. I was blessed with a fully feathered, well balanced boy!


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