The beginning….

So I am not sure exactly when I realized I had a fascination with the creatures in the avian community. Maybe it started with the beautiful feathers on the pheasants my father used to hunt…. Or maybe it was the pigeon he brought home to help train the dogs in their joint hunting ventures. (Disclaimer: no pigeons were harmed in said training.) Or it just could have had something with my desire to fly when I was young. I tried so desperately to create wings that would allow me to fly as these feathered creatures did with such ease. I think the final ‘straw’, or feather, was that beautiful greater sulfur-crested cockatoo, Fred on the television series, “Baretta”.
Fred was a joy to watch, even if he did only get brief time on camera. He seemed to know what is owner was saying, understanding and responding appropriately. Who wouldn’t want such a creature to be their best friend? Those of us who have had pet birds know they do have a mind of their own, and they do use it…However, it is not always in the manner represented by Fred’s actions. Training is necessary to achieve such results, but I digress.
Regardless of when my fascination and love for birds began is really no matter. I love living with these birds and prefer interacting with them over television any day.

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